Perspective Shifting


I was having a conversation with one of my colleagues this past week about the power of perspective. 2015 is all about shifting perspective. Have you noticed that every situation in your life looks different based on your position to the problem? For example, you may stressed about leaving the house late for work until you pass by a car accident & realize that at least you are still safe & unharmed. You may be frustrated with your finances, until you meet that person who shares that s/he could not even afford to celebrate the holidays or a big milestone due to their situation. Shifting your position, shifts your perspective & allows you to take an extra moment before judging others & their situation.

Being negative toward people & situations, annihilates any opportunity to shift your position or perspective. In fact, my colleague shared that “being negative is perhaps the lowest form of existence.” Deep. When you adopt a negative perspective to any & every situation, what is the chance that that situation will work out in your favor? Slim. Being negative is so incredibly easy. It requires no energy. It requires no thought. It requires no action. Being negative literally asks that you simply exist.

In every facet of our lives, we have the awesome opportunity to take advantage of perspective. We hear all the time, “My perception is my reality,” & that statement holds a lot of truth. If you consistently have a positive attitude about a particular thing or area in your life, then the power of your perspective can change your attitude & quite possibly the outcome. If you consistently look for the negative, the power of your perspective is not only going to make the situation seem worse, but could greatly affect other areas of your life (personally & professionally).

The beauty of perspective, is that you have the power to control it. Positive people attract positive people, ideas, relationships, and outcomes. The inverse is also accurate. In our society & in every profession, perspective not only affects you, it can affect your family, your friends, your colleagues, & most importantly, you!

Check out these Top 75 Pictures of the Day for 2014. There are some amazing pictures captured here that really challenge perspective! What would happen if you were to take a walk outside today, & simply shift your perspective?


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