The Comfort Zone


According to the law of requisite variety, the survival of any system depends on its capacity to cultivate variety in its internal structures. In other words, you have to keep changing. Prolonged equilibrium dulls our senses, numbs our minds, and atrophies our muscles. Your world gets smaller and smaller until your universe is about eight square feet. Equilibrium is bad. Disequilibrium is good. – Mark Batterson

The comfort zone is a place of complacency. Within the comfort zone, we as humans are aware of every upcoming obstacle & we can fully anticipate the trajectory upon which we are about to embark. There is no extra planning necessary within the comfort zone. There is no need for a Plan B, and no reason to be creative or original in this space. The comfort zone is a dangerous place for moldmakers.

As we embark on a new week, how will you step outside your comfort zone? What path less traveled will you choose to follow? What critical decision will you make to guarantee a much different result than the norm? Moldmakers, here’s to abandoning the comfort zone. Here’s to a life of welcomed disequilibrium & change!


One thought on “The Comfort Zone

  1. There is so much truth here. For years, I ran to, protected, and cherished my comfort zone. It was where I felt safe. It was later in life, that I realized that this place, this prison (really) was stifling my creativity and abilities. I watched my girls grow, blossom, and try new things. They inspired me(whether they knew it or not) to return to school and pursue degrees that I had put on the back burner for too long. Talk about children inspiring an adult…that was me…and them! Was it easy? No. Was it fun? Sometimes. Was it worth it? YEAH! My comfort zone has been redefined and now it is where and when “I” say it should be. Change is good. Dr. Mary, thank you for your words of wisdom THEN and NOW. Mama Dukes

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