#BeingFearless Challenge |Motivation

Moldmakers, the #BeingFearless challenge is on for the month of April, & I am challenging you to be fearless in your thoughts, actions, & your words. Let’s stop being fearful & allowing fear to consume our thoughts, & let’s start being fearless today!


4 thoughts on “#BeingFearless Challenge |Motivation

  1. Mary,so proud of your new look for Scholar Vlogger! I was also inspired by your recent vlog on “being fearless”. As you know, faith and fear are spiritual forces that cannot exist in the same arena. Knowing this, we should choose to walk in faith!!! Duh! Continue to walk with Him, keep up the good work, and know that you are loved. Mama Dukes

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  2. Dr. Hemphill,

    Watching this video has allowed me to do some serious soul-searching. By being a Christian, I should not have any fear since God is in control of my life. I believe that I wanted to “get along” and have peace instead of having conflict, which allowed fear to come into me and take God out of the equation in some situations. As a young professional in the education profession, there were times that I would not voice my opinion regarding situations/questions at work because I allowed myself to internalize “They won’t listen to my opinion because I’m the new kid on the block.” However, as I started this school year (2015-2016), I made a promise to myself to voice my opinions regarding situations/questions. When I changed my approach, some of my teammates began attempting to “make me feel guilty” because I went against what they believed. However, I did not feel guilty at all because I was advocating for the students’ best interests. Additionally, my principal started nominating me to attend different professional development opportunities. At first, I did not tell them when I would be out because they would start asking questions, questioning the legitimacy of the professional opportunities. However, I eventually came to the realization that some people that I thought were my true friends were not going to congratulate me because they wanted me to have fear and stay on their level without advancing my career and/or challenging the status quo. This goes back to the Spring Cleaning Video you did a few weeks ago regarding the idea of “Spring Cleaning could involve checking the inventory of friends. If they are not adding to your life and vice-versa, then it could be time to distance yourself” [paraphrase]. As an aspiring administrator, I know that it is essential to have tough skin and not let fear influence any decision(s) that I make that will affect the entire school community. Even with my current assignment in teaching, I have noticed a positive difference, not only with my interactions with co-workers, but the interactions with my students.


    1. Kevin,
      I am deeply moved by your reflection on the #BeingFearless Challenge video. You are absolutely right in that fear cannot reside where God is because He knows all & sees all. He holds our future in the palm of His hand, & that in itself should be reason enough for us to walking fearlessly & confidently in our daily walk. However you bring up an issue that I believe many of us struggle with in terms of “getting along” & “fitting in.” Moldmakers are history makers, & you can only make history by standing out. Standing out these days takes amazing courage, so I’m proud of you for forging ahead in your truth & with seeking opportunities for professional development. You’re investing in YOU so that children will be better. Let’s continue this conversation around #beingfearless in public education. I think it’s a worthwhile endeavor & I’m glad that you’re on the battlefield for our students & the profession!


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