RE-Brand NC Education

Innovative ideas that support the re-branding of public education &
shatter the status quo for school 

It is time to define innovative in public education. RE-Brand NC Education was birthed to not only define innovation in the public education arena, but also to show NC school leaders what that innovation looks like in schools, in the classroom, in the community, & in the boardroom. We know there is work to be done in order to begin re-branding & rebuilding the image that we strive to convey for our most important clients – our students. We are excited that we have chosen the opportunity to pull a chair up to the table in order to begin this critical dialogue!

We are Dr. Mary Hemphill & Yasmeen Robbins, with a passion & purpose to shift the conversation around public education. We aspired to create a platform that provides up-to-date educational news, instructional strategies, leadership tips, & current trends by highlighting & telling the story from the perspective of change agents. We strive to create truly innovative conversations around public education, shattering the status quo around what is thought to be possible by school leaders. RE-Brand NC Education will shift the current perspective & tell the story of public education that so desperately beckons for a rewrite in society today!